Friday, April 6, 2007

Take it or leave it!

Aah. So here I am. Blogging.

I don't know why we bloggers assume people would want to read what we have to say but this innate sense of being the center of the Universe is what keeps people going, after all. (You will have to bear with my hybridized British-American spelling - my education and professional life are at war with one another.)

So several options present themselves to me...I can take up cudgels for a social cause, like a friend or two have done.

Or I could write an intensely personal note of anguish everyday (whether I feel it or not. One should always be consistent) which would land me directly in a straitjacket the minute my family get wind of it.

Or I could write inoffensive but entertaining prose about things that interest me - and hopefully you. My observations on life, love, art, the Indian phlegm problem. (Compulsive spitters give me the willies, I've inherited that from my mother.)

Take it or leave it. (Please take it...I handle rejection very badly!!)

See ya!


Aarthi said...

I take it... ;-)
Great start!!

Ushasi said...


Nisho said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere :-) Great blog.. keep it up :-)

Diya said...

i'm glad you're sparing us the anguish and the preaching. that's two days in a row i've woken up and read your blog! ( for others who might be reading this, i don't really wake up at 1 pm everyday - well, not everyday - i just live in a different time zone)