Monday, April 9, 2007

A few of my favorite things!

Don't you just hate it when people have constructive hobbies? (Note that I do not hate the people who have constructive hobbies, only the fact that they do. I would be losing several relatives and one or two friends if I made such a statement in a public domain.)

Like a dear friend I've had for over 20 years now, a woman who couldn't be more different from me. I have a theory we still call and meet up just to see how the other half lives. In school, during exam time, we all had our ways of de-stressing between frantic cram-sessions. I used to take catnaps, or a walk, or maybe watch TV. She...wait for this...solved Math question papers. "No, no," I would say, "I asked you what you did while you aren't studying. For fun, I meant." "I find Math very relaxing," she would firmly reply.

I have come across many specimens like this.

Another very dear relative of mine is constantly in the kitchen because she enjoys it. What she doesn't understand is, she makes other people feel guilty for doing what they enjoy while shes toiling over a hot stove. One feels like one should give her a hand, or atleast hang around and offer moral support. So you end up sweating in the kitchen with her, doing what she enjoys, while your lovely new book lies neglected on your bed.

Think about it...after five hours of reading a book, I can never use it to make another person feel small. "Five straight hours of reading this book, and not once did you even ask if I needed help..." Or after keeping the neighbours awake till the wee hours practicing your guitar, you can't say (if you're a reasonable person, that is) "I stayed up all night playing my scales...don't you talk to me about headaches you ungrateful thing, when all you did was lie in bed!"

That's why I say these annoyingly commendable hobbies should be discouraged in a civilized society. It is essentially a deeply selfish thing to do. You get to enjoy your hobby, and simultaneously make other people feel awful about pursuing theirs.

Gardening, cooking, solving arithmetic, carpentry, knitting, crocheting and every other form of sewing...feeding the needy, healing the sick, etc etc etc should be strictly categorized as 'Jobs that are irksome yet have to be done' rather than the oh-so-goody-goody 'A few of my favorite things to do'.

Aaargh, it makes me sick.


Nisho said...
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Nisho said...

aaah... what about ''blogging''? What kind of hobby is it to you?

Ushasi said...

It is a purely personal hobby...i do not mean to improve anybody else's life but my own, dear sir. If it happens by accident, I claim no responsibility.

Prog Power said...

Woman! Jeeeeeeez! :)

Ravi said...

Such a nice blog ... Add blogging to the list, because i am feeling uncomfortable (rather jealous) after looking at your blog. :-)
But keep writing ... and i will visit this page regularly.
-- Ravi

Ushasi said...

Thank you, ravi!:)

Debjeet said...

if somebody is staying up all night to practise scales on guitar,its definitely more than a hobby for him/her(??)...there are certain hobbies that need to worked on..nobody is born a guitar player..but reading is not like that..well you can read if you are literate:) much you enjoy is a question of course..

Ushasi said...

I noted the question marks after 'her' you dont think women can play the guitar. And I can also tell that you don't read much.
I might have been talking about a person for whom it IS a do YOU know. And some would say reading is a far more constructive hobby because it doesn't cause noise pollution and in fact improves the MIND.
If I ever meet you I will have a thing or two to say to you...whoever you are, mister!:)

Debsena said...

interesting take... one can only imagine what triggered the thought :)

long live road trips. they're harmless enough - assuming i don't crash.

Ushasi said...

That's a big assumption to make, considering how accident prone you are. Definitely not a constructive hobby. You're off the hook, Debsena!:):)

Diya said...

hahahahahaha! that was funny. and so typically ushasi. i enjoy bumming around, doing absolutely nothing. and i think it's a terrific, non-guilt inducing hobby.