Monday, April 16, 2007

Beauty Tips...back on popular demand

Ok, here's the thing. Can any one of you TELL me why it's so important to be good-looking to human beings?

I mean, except for good grooming there's nothing you can do about it. (Correction: Except for good grooming and having completely disproportionate plastic parts surgically attached to your body.) You are quite accidentally born with symmetrical features, or a certain kind of hair, or skin, or body type…whatever is the standard of beauty at the time. Why do we set so much stock in an accident?

On the other hand there are other things which could be valued a great deal higher…something YOU as an individual, are directly responsible for. A talent you have honed and developed. Or a helpful, sunny disposition. A quick wit that makes people laugh. Let me preempt those smart alecs who will say all of these are also qualities you are born with.

To them, I say:
Isn’t it easier not to practice your craft and become like everyone else? Haven’t there been times cruel turns of fate have tempted you to become cynical and cheerless? Is it not way easier to sit at home counting your money and not share it with anyone?

If your answer to these questions is “No”, I would suggest you stop wasting everyone’s time and go away.

For those who remain: look at the BIG picture. We are not the only beings on the planet. If we are to be so sensitive about how we are perceived, broaden your scope and think of the others. (The blog has not taken a supernatural turn, I’m talking about other LIVING beings.)

Picture two cats sitting on a wall.

A handsome man, (thrilled at how handsome he is, no doubt) bounds across the street whistling.

Black cat to Ginger cat. “What’s up with that male human? Do you think he’s gone mad? What if he has rabies? Run for your lives!”

See? His perfectly chiseled cheekbones got no mention at all.

They go and settle themselves near a dustbin.

The elephant-man, (you know, the guy in the movie who was so disfigured he was a circus attraction) walks past. Despite being the er…catty sort these cats make no comment.

Why? They just thought he looked a bit depressed and were wondering why.

Think of a broader picture than the animal kingdom, and you’ll find that we are not the only planet in the Universe.

Some time in the future we’ll intercept a message from aliens to the mother ship saying something like: ‘These humans are SO damn ugly. They have only two eyes’.

And if you’re still not convinced, and ahem, have a face only a mother can love - I have a beauty tip for you. Hang out with the elephant man (he’s a swell guy, I know him personally), and you’ll find the comparisons most flattering.


Haimanti said...

Have a face only a mother can love? chhi chhi chhi! and i loved the writing, i really dont understand why people are sooo bothered about looks. and go about making personal comments like ki MOTAAA hoyechhish! ki chul pore gechhe tor!

sj said...

Read this post...on popular demand! Some people frequenting this blog would know that I personally dislike bad-looking people...well, 'bad-looking' not in the conventional sense, only those I consider 'bad-looking' (might be the best looker in town, who cares!). So, I feel being good-looking is important (again 'good-looking' by my standards!) I don't think I'm going anywhere with this comment. But, I agree with the writer when she says there's not much you can do with your looks, apart from groom yourself!

Diya said...

i know, monty - very few things are worse than unnecessary comments about your looks to your face! my dad - bless his well-meaning heart - is visiting me for a week in cambridge and proceeds to tell me everyday that my dark circles are have deepened ridiculously - or maybe that's because my cheeks have become puffier than more, making my eyes look more sunken, and, of course, my tummy has grown as well, just like the last time he saw me. in blooming addition to this,i've developed a rash on my face (out of sheer stress, i think), which also intrigues my dad considerably, while my new haircut makes him think that i look an equivocal 'onyo rokom'. so now i'm fat, tired, blotchy and without much hair. i'm making friends with the elephant man. :-(