Tuesday, October 20, 2009

30 things I’ve learnt in as many years and if you don’t agree you can piss off

Lesson # 1:

Your height is the only thing about your appearance which doesn’t go to hell if you let things slide for a while. For everything else, unless you don’t wax it thread it put cream on it take vitamin tablets for it take regular exercise, drink water for it everyday or in extreme cases go to the doctor for it, it’ll get worse every time you check in the mirror.
Can you imagine going home every time and having people comment on your weight AND your height? You have got SO MUCH shorter! You should do headstands at 4 in the morning like your Auntie, look how tall she’s got.

(Coming up...Lesson # 2)


Haimanti said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you! i think my family still hopes that i would grow taller by a few more inches, tobe jodi biyer patro jote!

db said...

I'm risking a potential beheading here (before which I must piss off, as instructed), but I just couldn't resist the temptation:

In extreme cases, a potbelly causes one's spine to curve inwards, which results in a marginal decrease in height.

There's hope, though - it's most often a guy thing. :)

Ushasi said...

As usual, db and hai are rays of sunshine who outdazzle even MY cheery thoughts. :)

Talk about looking for the dark cloud to every single lining I try to come up with.

Oh and db, piss off. ;) ;)

diya said...

i don't think i can ever say anything good about my height! it never bloody changed since i was 12!!!

Monica said...

sigh sigh...ask me about it...though i must learn to take things in a funny vein from you.