Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A pearl a day

Today morning I was standing in front of the office restroom mirror and sulking about my life as usual; when a frightening thought struck me. What if this IS the happiest time of my life? What if this is the time I look back upon and say with a nostalgic sigh…”aah to have an office restroom mirror to sulk in front of.” (Which could mean in the future (a) I mightn’t have an office to visit the restroom of. (b) the office I’d work at in the future won’t have a restroom.© For some bizarre reason, my future employers would have no need of mirrors. (creepy))

Because really, if one looks at the broad outlines my life is fine (I wrote “near perfect” then changed it to ‘fine” because I don’t want the jinx pixies to get me). It’s the details that are screwed up, that’s the problem. What if, heaven forbid, the broad outlines go awry too? Then I won’t even be able to look at the details, things will be so bad, and I’ll be sulking something fierce on a pavement somewhere.

It’s a sobering thought, and quite robbed me of the simple pleasure of my daily sulk. While I look ahead for that elusive day when everything will line up just like they ought, my last few months in my 20s are fast running out. Then it’ll be my 30s and my 40s and very soon, I’m in a home somewhere telling a bored attendant for the 20th time that day,…”I had everything but I didn’t know it until now”.

I know this may contradict what I said last week…and I’m not saying I’ve changed my mind about that. Let’s just compromise and say we should keep one eye on the ‘daily little problems’ aspect and another on the broad outlines; and then we’ll be fine.

Cross-eyed but fine.


Ravi said...

I must say that you have an way an amazing and simpler way of relating the wise words and the real life. I am Ravi and regular visitor of your blog.
We are are a bunch of cyclists, not in sports but to promote the cycling as sustainable mode of transportation. We also organized . I needed some help from you, if you are interested, do let me know by commenting on your blog about it.

Ushasi said...

Why thank you Ravi.

What help is it you need? Im not really an avid cyclist you know...but your endeavour sounds very commendable.

Haimanti said...

it was as usual funny as well as interesting. i'll really be heartbroken if my next office doest have a mirror. and for all you know, ushasi, maybe this IS our happiest time, mane amar? GAWWWWDDD!!!

Rashmi said...

Is this the happiest we'll ever be? Bloody depressing thought....

Oh, congratulations on your new cycling venture :D :D

diya said...

read this one and the one before right after each other, and it's pretty clear that having a sulk about something minor or the other is absolutely vital to our lives!! i think it's positively therapeutic, actually - i love sitting down with friends and have a right old moan and groan about something stupid! of course, if i was starving in somalia, i would have something far different (and life-threatening) to moan about, but i totally agree that that shouldn't deprive me of my daily moan. so sulk away all you want in front of the office loo mirror, shashi - it sure beats going to back to your desk, and that's a happy thought in itself! :-D yeah, keep up the cycling, by the way!