Friday, February 6, 2009

In case you were wondering if I'd chickened out of putting in my two cents about this one...

I’m angry.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that 2008 had been a GodAwful year, what with the Financial disaster (Capital F), bombings and what-have-you that wiped the smug ‘India Shining’ smiles bloody straight off our faces. Now we have complete lunatics entering our pubs and beating up women for “going against Indian culture” (yes, THAT again.) and giving quotes to the papers to the effect that they’ll beat up women in jeans and noodle straps (these thugs seem to have a keen eye for fashion, I thought men didn’t know the names for these things) and that they’ll forcibly marry off any couples they see on Valentine’s Day.

Of course very few people condone it, but the very fact that such mad men are allowed to run amok like this and clearly state their intentions to disrupt the peace and inflict bodily harm on peaceful citizens disturbs me. And obviously they have taken a huge leaf out of the book of ‘More ignominious chapters in Indian culture’ in this idea of forcibly marrying people off, ignoring the fact that a marriage wouldn’t even be legal if it’s done under duress by some gundas who come along.

Here’s my advice to such weirdos. Get A Life. Maybe you’ll be able to BEAR seeing other people happy or having fun then. Get a JOB. Maybe you won’t have to accept money from politicians for politicizing total non-issues and disrupting the peace then.

All of us, in our heart of hearts, feel bad for you guys and the singularly joyless, perverse existences you live – where every woman is a sex object and thereby “provocative” unless covered up.

Oh and also, stop saying that you’re on opposites sides of the divide with your fundamentalist brethren from other religions, because from where I’m standing your little tricks the past couple of weeks, and what the Taliban does to women, are just different by a few degrees, is all. (You guys should have a fundamentalist convention and have team building activities like, “Shoot the provocative 11 year old girl in the legs” or attend lectures on “How you can enforce culture without knowing any culture at all”.)

Shame on all of us, for allowing such losers to grow on our soil.
And Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!:)


Rashmi said...
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Rashmi said...

In my heart of hearts, I do only feel repulsion for these disgusting, ignorant hooligans who claim to be the upholders of our culture and morality. I guess beating up women and coercing people without any chance of a dialogue is after all the approach of an extremely 'cultured' person. And, don't even get me started on the Talibans. I say get rid of the whole lot - no island is far flung enough to ship off this disgraceful lot!

Haimanti said...

happy valentine's dayyyyy!!!!

db said...

If you've been following our local tabloid, The Times of India, you'll have read about the Pink Chaddi campaign. Brilliant idea, I think - gifting the bums (and I quote TOI:) "...khadi underwear, V-day cards, chaddis with love messages, dunce caps, a DVD of Mira Nair's film Fire, pictures of semi-nude sadhus from the Kumbh Mela, the Cosmopolitan cocktail, Cupid's bow and arrow, a copy of the Kamasutra (both the book and the movie) and condoms" in addition, of course, to pink underwear.

Incidentally, the campaigners have informally formed a group called Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women. I kinda like the sound of that. :P

PS - The group's Facebook profile is priceless. Anyone signing up?

db said...

For a second opinion, try

Ushasi said...

Yeah, I already have signed up. In fact, I was going to paste the link on my blog before you beat me to it. :)

They're doing a great job. And it also shows that we Indians do have a sense of humour! :D

Ushasi said...

Oy Rashmi!!! Quit deleting your own comments. People think I've removed your comments in the last two posts because you wrote something I didn't like! :D :D

Rashmi said...

ay, dhur ekbar accidentally delete kore diyechhilum aar ek bar, posted the same thing twice. You know me, I am just about getting to grips with all this blogging business :(