Thursday, December 4, 2008


When you finally succumb to a lousy mood, it’s almost a relief, like your spirit can finally lay off rallying to find the bright or funny side of everything. Even though it’s laying there on the ground feeling really bad for itself, for the body it inhabits, and for the long fight that lies ahead when it inevitably has to pick itself off the ground, shake off the ennui and start rallying once again – it’s a momentary break from the struggle. A time of rest.

So your mind wanders about weeping with self-pity, without even a pat on the back from its bed fellow spirit. Your mind has a much harder task to do for the years and years and years that you live. Because no matter WHAT happens, it has to hold things together, and apart from cursing that wuss spirit for letting it down every so often ( I’ve observed it happens once a month, I wonder why that is.) it has to still function (“put your right leg down first, then your left, heave yourself up, walk to the sink and brush your teeth, etc’) while your spirit lies curled up in a foetal position, the slacker that it is.

Let alone taking a break, your mind has to work overtime to make up for the absenteeism of spirit. “Smile, smile, SMILE at the founder of the company.” “No you cannot make a face and punch her in the nose when she asks you how you are!” “Comb your hair, you can’t look like that in public, even if you couldn’t care less today, you’ll regret it tomorrow!”, etc.

So while your spirit takes a bit of a time-out, some ‘me-time’ if you will, so that it can loathe you and your life at leisure; your mind and body jerks around in a numb uncoordinated way all day (or week as the case may be).
I’m having one of those days. I shall let you know if my spirit finds some sustenance to revive soon. (There actually are plenty but I already told you that when the spirit is down and out; it refuses to entertain such thoughts.)


Rashmi said...

I think we are a whole genre of women suffering from horrendous PMS. Is that thought sorely unromantic?

Ushasi said...

PMS it is! Trust Rashmi to hit the nail on the head! ;) Not unromantic at all, atleast you didn't say it was menopause. :D

diya said...

omigoodness! PMS was exactly what I was thinking of as I was reading, tsking away, and totally sympathising!

diya said...

so maybe the title of this post should be 'red'? sorry! ;-P

Rashmi said...

yuck Diye. Baal, how come our mothers never complained of it? Janina baba, it all seems to be getting too much. Probably because they already had us to deal with, they did not have any time to indulge themselves. Now that is a depressing thought for us. Sorry, I'm not helping. I just seem to be!