Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've been watching the news channels all afternoon and evening. I can't imagine how it feels for everyone in those hotels, and for the families of all the people mown down senselessly at the railway station, hospitals and the pub where it all started.
These were people who were well-adjusted enough to go about their lives; instead of throwing 20 to 25 years away (i'm guessing that's the age group these terrorists fall under) on total lunacy, total misguided malevolence. What will this evil get them do they think? Are they enjoying it? Or are they going about it like we do our jobs, necessary but sometimes unpleasant? Have they been so brainwashed that they think these monstrosities will get them 'justice' in this life and heaven in the after life?
If God existed he would spit on such aberrations of nature. I'm suprised that hasn't occurred to the 'Deccan Mujahideen' as they shot down and bombed innocent people. People in hospitals for God's sake, can victims get more helpless?
Talking about it further would trivialize it so I'll stop here. The crisis isn't yet over. I hope our army and police get these men and make them pay. And my respects to the brave people who're trying to get things under control.


Haimanti said...

and funny thing is some are actually feeling sorry for Kasav, the guy who is caught alive! they are thinking, poor thing! he comes from a poor family and needed money, so he did all these things. how can they think that way??? he single-handedly killed 57 people!!!! and my friends saw him, he was this brazen fellow, who didnt give a damn about anything, he even shot stray dogs on the street!! imagine the ruthlessness!!!

Ushasi said...

Feeling sorry for Kasav?? I take it they're under the illusion that they are safe from anything like this ever happening to them?
And yes he might be from a poor family, but if that's adequate excuse to kill 100s of people then God help us all in the Third world.
His sufferings (as no doubt he has had) might be an explanation, but it's no good as an EXCUSE.

Rashmi said...

Imagine if every poor person in India turned into a gun-weilding lunatic! It's amazing the way these 'criminals' show such conviction before they are caught but the minute they are captured they don't hesitate to milk a sob story. Sounds like they are not that convinced by their own stupid ideology. Surely they should stand by what they did till their last stupid brainwashed breath?