Friday, September 19, 2008

A note.

Several people have asked why I don’t write any more. That they look forward to my posts and would like to see some new ones. (Thank you for that.)

I feel sucked dry nowadays, like there’s nothing that needs writing about. I rarely get to talk to people who actually care what’s going on with me; in the office I usually reduce myself to a silent listener of incredible banalities for every break, and rarely volunteer any conversation that might matter. So I guess it’s become a habit, even when I converse through my blog. (I apologize for that.)

So that’s that, I guess. Enough said. I hope to write something complicated and witty soon.

Till then: adios.


Rashmi said...

I know the feeling, though I don't do anything as productive as you when I'm not feeling trapped by a circle of idiots! come on girl, chin up. remember your prayer at goa?

shreyasi said...

I found writing my own blog much harder than 'helping' Syon with his, which is why I've pretty much abandoned mine though I keep promising Steve I'll post something on mine. Perhaps I'll always be more of a journalist than a diarist-what's your excuse?:-)

Lara said...

I haven't been writing on my blog lately either -- been insanely busy, but more than that, have been waiting -- just waiting -- for a major life transition to begin, and in the waiting, I found myself wordless. Now that the transition is underway, I have a million thoughts in my head but nothing has yet cohered; I still don't have a statement to share about it all. So I'm waiting to write. I know for both of us, the writing will come back. And on your end, I think it will come back with a hilarious vengeance. So I look forward to the next post. As you await it, know that you have a companion in the world of not-writing. :)

Syon said...

I care, Mashi! I regularly check your blog for new writing (sometimes more than once a day; Mommy says that makes me an MBBS). Your posts never fail to raise a baby chortle or five. So, do please keep writing. I heard Mommy laughing on the phone with you this morning. Bet there was an anecdote or two there that you could bung on your blog (you know you can always come to me for advice on topics for your blog, now that I'm a veteran);-))!