Monday, May 19, 2008

On The Fickleness of Babies.

My sister had a baby 15 days ago (Congratulations, Rimky!). Since then we have been poring over the pictures she and her husband send to us. Because they live very, very far away it’s the only way we can take a look at him. With each installment of pictures a new argument breaks out within the family -- about whom the little thing takes after in the looks department. So far the conclusions we have come to are:

1) He looks like me, his aunt. (Suggestion put forward by me.)
2) He looks like my Dad, his grandfather.
3) Since I look like my Mum he looks like my Mum.
4) He looks like my Dad’s Sister.
5) He looks like his mother.
6) He looks like John Stamos of ER. (Which essentially means we all look like John Stamos of ER.)

We have very occasionally and grudgingly conceded that he looks like someone on his Dad’s side of the family, but it takes a great deal of self-sacrifice and soul-searching before it is said.

It’s strange why it’s such an ego-boost that one of the next generation looks like you, but it always is. It’s like Nature herself has paid you a compliment, as if to say, “I thought you weren’t half bad looking, and considered it a good idea to repeat the same kind of look again.”

But your shrill assertions that the new baby resembles you finally comes to nought when he goes and changes completely overnight and becomes the spitting image of an aunt by marriage on your husband's side. You feel slighted and aggrieved by the fickleness of the child and regret your haste in naming him the sole benefactor in your will.

Right now the baby isn’t cooperating and looks like his cousin on his Dad’s side. I disapprove of how frivolously he cast aside the chance to look like me, and have decided to give him a year’s time to redeem himself.

I shall keep you posted.


shreyasi said...

Eleanor-er moton dekhte? na, na, (cute as she is), definitely John Stamos, and maybe something of the young Ricky Martin before he acquired the jowls.....btw, loved the Ooty travelogue specially the first part....

Moon said...

U mirror my sentiments!
Atleast u r the aunt think about how irritated I feel. My baby looked exactly like me when born and now for some reason has decided to look like his dad.
The only thing from me is his dimple.
The dad's side is ecstatic and leaves no opportunity in informing me about it... and I smile and bear it.

Ushasi said...

Oh yes, Rimky. Are you sure its Ricky Martin? I saw a hint of Gregory Peck and Antonio Banderas.

I'm sure my sister feels your pain more than I do, Srimoyee. But yes, if it depresses me that my nephew is so fickle I can imagine how bad it would be if my child did that...ingrates!