Monday, January 21, 2008

For love or for money.

All of those people who get paid for doing something they enjoy should be hunted down and killed. It’s not fair that ever since I started working I’ve had to CHOOSE. Get paid, or do what you’re good at and have fun with.

When I whine about it everyone claims that it’s the same with them but that’s not possible right? They’re just saying that to make me shut up.

The creative writing jobs come with the assumption that the work is its own reward. That’s all very well, but job satisfaction don’t pay the bills. And the jobs that DO pay the bills make one so miserable that eventually I think there’ll be a psychiatric bill in there among the grocery and electric bills. It’s such a vicious circle.


Haimanti said...

I agree completely. and i also have that thing about people at work being rude. and just think, we will have to continue with this for eternity!!! i think i will die before that

Ushasi said...

I know, some people think that as long as its about work they can be as brusque and offensive as they like.
32 years to retirement! Just the thought makes me come over all faint.