Friday, November 9, 2007

Boors and bears

I notice that there are some people who actually think that rudeness is a good thing. It's not that
they don't know any better, or that noone's ever made it clear to them that they are so insufferable
that they would gladly kill them and throw them into the nearest ditch if it wasn't punishable by
law.(Unless you're a politician, actor, or call center cab driver, i.e).It's that they think
'aggression' as they call their lack of manners is the only way one can get ahead nowadays, also
another very overrated activity if you ask me. So they shall be blunt (read: unnecessarily rude when
a more carefully worded sentence and a smile would've served just as well) they shall be 'assertive'
(read: pushy and selfish) and 'get ahead' (which is what Hitler did before he got burnt to a crisp.)
I can now avail the cab facility provided by my new office, the delights of which I shared with you
in my last post. Unfortunately for me, my earlier cab mates who now seem veritable angels in
contrast have been replaced with a single enormously pregnant woman. Even allowing for hormones, I
have rarely met such a singularly unpleasant woman. She will drive up awkwardly sprawled in the back
seat of the car in front of my eyes only to claim that they'd been waiting for me at the gate for
the last 15 minutes and enquire why I was late even though I went down the moment I got the
customary 'the cab will arrive in two minutes call'. She will look at you stonily when you say 'hi'
after you get in and growl at the driver like she would much rather rip his throat out than be in
the car with him.
She's quite a treat. I wonder who impregnated her and whether he went the way most amorous male
praying mantises go.
You'll meet dozens of people like this (surprisingly not all of them pregnant), proud to be uncivil
and under the illusion that they come across as 'no-nonsense go getters' when in actuality they're
just uncultured louts who spread discomfiture and bad days in their wake.

Happy Diwali everyone! ....And to all those proud boors and bears out there... may you never get a kind word or a helping hand when you most need them! (I thus strike a blow for all those who stand with their mouths agape when one of these boors start on them.)


Nisho said...

hehehe.. you seem to have made a lot of nice friends out there ;-)...

Make sure you don't tell them you have a blog.. hehe ;-)

Diya said...

back after a while, shashi. i am, i mean, not you! loved the post. i say you look at your nice trim figure, then look at the vast pregnant lady up and down with pitying eyes, then turn away, gently clucking.

oh, and as nisho says, don't tell your bank people you spew venomous asides about them on this here blog!

Ushasi said...

Both of you have a point...but your advice comes too late. I've already told them I have a blog, but am just counting on the fact that most people (barring some significant exceptions, i hasten to add) i meet seem semi-literate. Esp when they are pregnant she-wolves.

Haimanti said...

ushasi i lovvvvvveeee this anti-rude people blog. i hate rude people, they just think that if they are suitably rude, others would not answer back and listen to them or think they are brilliant. bullshit! and as you know i am going to kill a few rude people around me soon.

shreyasi said...

From a very polite pregnant woman: have you seen my baby's pics which I sent you? Why have I not received a reply?? Will my Little Bean be deprived of a gushing aunt?? ;-)

Ushasi said...

So sorry polite pregnant lady! I juts saw your babies pictures and have sent a very gushy aunt reply. (before i saw this comment;) Strange I cant see new comments from the office either.:(