Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chivalry is alive and kicking!

Bangalore is one big DRAIN right now. It's disgusting and very inconvenient. Try travelling around in a drain and you'll understand -- now I know why cockroaches are so pissed off all the time.

I took three hours getting home on Thursday, and the auto fella nearly kicked me off his auto because my road was inaccessible and I didn't know any other route. It was 10 at night and this young feller-me-lad suddenly materialised out of nowhere, calmed my auto fellow down, got in, guided us through the vaguest back alleys and dropped me to my doorstep, before taking the auto all the way back to his home, which was nowhere near the route he'd taken to get me home.

Chivalry is alive and kicking! I was very touched and am telling everyone I know this story.

So I got home at 11-30, but quite happy that there is still some goodness in this world.


Diya said...

was he cute?

Ushasi said...

Heheh...wouldn't YOU like to know!...(mysterious wiggle of the eyebrows)