Thursday, June 21, 2007

About closets and such like.

Now that people have run out of tart comments to make about my last entry, it is the right time to hold forth on something else.

I read through some of my earlier posts and discovered something about myself. I talk incessantly about lesbians. It’s so strange. But what I actually want to set right here is the pejorative tone I have used in all my allusions to them…because far from having anything against them, I can’t seem to understand why others have a problem with the gay community.

People say about homosexuality: I just don’t get it! Well, you don’t get a lot of things, does that mean its wrong? I think Brad Pitt is such an ugly man, but do I shudder with revulsion and say “I just don’t get it” when I meet someone who thinks he’s hot?

Yes! But that has NOTHING to do with what I’m saying here.

You don’t have to get it, as long as they do. If they’re happy and not forcing YOU to be gay, you should just leave them alone. They don’t get why you find men attractive. (I mean lesbians, gay guys TOTALLY get it.) Can you imagine how awful it would be if someone told you you couldn’t find the opposite sex attractive anymore, because its unnatural? That’s exactly how they feel, when you’re doing your entire ‘I’m right because I’m in the majority and I can throw my weight around’ act.

A good friend of mine has another argument “Animals don’t do it, so it’s unnatural.”

To which I would like to say first of all - animals don’t wear clothes either. Should all of us wander around stark naked?(Blech!!!) Secondly, there are animals that are gay - some sheep, snails, and horses (especially those in show business) have been known to be gay. We don’t hear more about it because their friends and family don’t think it’s unnatural.

And in a more Indian context, people seem to think it’s a) a ‘modern concept’ brought by b) the ‘West (the bane of the world)!’ To the first I say, read up a bit about the Ancient Greeks and Romans, you’re in for a helluva surprise! To the second I say, remember Radha who was such a good girl because she wasn’t interested in boys, and was so devoted to her friend Shweta they always walked around holding hands and were having sleepovers at each other’s houses all the time? Remember how your Mom held her up as the model of Indian virtue because she did none of those nasty Western things with boys?

Yep. Lesbian.

I’ve met a few and they don’t have three eyes or horns growing out of their heads. They’re normal people like you and me. If anything, one should respect them more for making such a hard choice for themselves (the sexuality is not the choice, but choosing to tell the truth about it is). It would attract far less raised eye-brows, and wink-wink nudge-nudge behaviour from straight people if they just pretended to blend in with the crowd.

And to the guys who go into hormone-overdrive when they hear about lesbians…the very definition of lesbians is they don’t want anything to do with you…so shut up. ;)

(P.S- For people planning on asking whether I am lesbian, please read the rest of my blog before you do.)


db said...

i have absolutely nothing against gay people; their choice, as you correctly put it. but one thing some of them have to realise is that if they're exploring for new partners, they should simply ask - and NOT let hands on thighs do the talking. that's harassment.

and somehow, people are less sympathetic to a victim of same-sex touchy-feely... especially, on public transport.

Ushasi said...

Yeah, but again...that has nothing to do with their gayness but the perversion of the ones you encountered on the bus. I wouldn't say all heterosexual males are perverts because I've been harassed in every possible way on buses in my lifetime.

db said...

fair enough - that's why i used some.