Wednesday, May 2, 2007

1001 Nights.

Abhipraya and I were having a back and forth comment-conversation about the Arabian Nights, and I thought this comment too thought-provoking to keep hidden away in the comments section.

Its about two brothers (Sultans if I remember it right) who because of some crazy situations and equally crazy thought process decide that women are evil and hence will marry a new woman everyday and kill her the same evening. Their minister is responsible for finding wives for them. Soon there is no one left but minister's daughters. And the eldest daughter convinces her father to get them married. And she comes up with this idea of telling the stories minus the climax everynight and thus stays alive for 1001 nights.The story tells in detail on why women are evil and how beating them and killing is the only way to keep them in check!

Any idea if those two sultans were strung up by their ankles and slowly emasculated with a blunt knife by the end of the 1001 tales?;)

Quite charming.


Debsena said...

macabre. (the sultans' story, that is... not the proposed punishment) :)

Diya said...

i've read the 'arabian nights', or bits of it, in school, and did you know that one story begins with the sultan eating this massive feast and letting out a gigantic fart? along with the weird sexual metaphors that the stories are filled with ("please won't you pierce my buttercup with your rapier" says a princess in one of the tales???!!!), the record of this sounds in arabian folklore bemused my childhood brain. idon't think i've come to terms with it since.